What’s this blog?

From wikipedia:

Mind over matter is a phrase popularized during the 1960s and 1970s that was originally used in reference to paranormal phenomena, especially psychokinesis.[1] However, it has also been used in reference to mind-centric spiritual and philosophic doctrines such as responsibility assumption.

Mind over matter was also Mao Zedong‘s idea that rural peasants could be “proletarianized” so they could lead the revolution and China could move from feudalism to socialism. It departs from Leninism in that the revolutionaries are peasants, instead of the urban proletariat.[3]

But my blog isn’t about either of the descriptions above.

I like this one better:

It may be said that, so far from having a materialistic tendency, the supposed introduction into the earth at successive geological periods of life — sensation, instinct, the intelligence of the higher mammalia bordering on reason, and lastly, the improvable reason of Man himself — presents us with a picture of the ever-increasing dominion of mind over matter.
— Sir Charles Lyell, 1863

Benny Handoko lives in Jakarta (and sometimes living in other places, a call of duty), Indonesia – a starter in blogging.

Welcome to my chattering mind where I write anything more than 140 characters. I have wide range of interests from politics, economic, law talk, social issue to football. But don’t expect expert analysis on those issues, I’m more jack of all trades master of none type.

My thoughts that I choose to write here – provocative or meditative ones, might be crap or insight. It’s up to you to decide.

Ps. you can find a bit of my background here.

19 thoughts on “What’s this blog?

      • Hai Benhan, saya penggemar berat ARSENAL dan anda banyak menulis artikel tentang ARSENAL. bolehkah saya kenal lebih jauh dengan anda. kalo boleh saya mau jadi teman anda di fb atau follow twitter anda. Bolehkah saya minta alamat fb atau twitter anda? jika boleh bisa dikirim ke email saya. terimakasih.

  1. Salam kenal, saya pernah ingat nama anda di milist Buddhis beberapa tahun yang lalu,betul ya? Masih aktif diorganisasi Buddhis?

  2. Hey abang benhan,sy mengamati politik sejak 2 tahun belakangan ini krn sy tertarik dgn ilmu politik itu seperti apa?sy selalu mengeluarkan aspirasi lwt media news.com fb atau twitter.menurut sy,sy tdk perlu bekoar2 untuk mengutarakan aspirasi sy skrg sdh bnyk cara masyarakat bs lbh transparan lwt tekhnologi.sbnrnya sy ingin sekali sharing lbh bnyk lg dgn anda supaya wawasan sy tentang dunia politik lbh luas lg krn menurut sy anda tahu lbh bnyk ilmu ketimbang sy.
    nb:senang bisa mengenal anda abang benhan

    • In genere si considera che lo spazio abbia 3K di te.aerpturamAnche se non è corretto. Quella è la temperatura della radiazione fossile che permea tutto il cosmo. Cioè la temperatura dei fotoni che permeano tutto lo spazio e non dello spazio in se… ma ripeto sono sottigliezze…

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