Vuvuzela *ngeeeng ngeeeng* – Do You Miss It?

For a month we were so accustomed to the sound of *ngeeng… ngeeeng…* from kick off to final whistle in South Africa. A few days have passed since the final, how much do you miss it?

Although the ending of South Africa World Cup wasn’t the same as my expectation but conformed to Paul the Octopus prophecy, I’m not in the mood to write a happy ending to my South Africa blog series. I think “Three and in” blog more or less represents my view. His thoughts on the World Cup final, his summary on winners and losers and his poke on British pundits sum up well my thoughts. I recommend you to read his excellent football blog.

Those followed me in twitter shall know that I supported Netherlands in this tournament. Unfortunately in the final, the Dutch chose to become a Big Sam’s whatever squad rather than Wenger’s Arsenal. Spain deserved the victory. Although it was pain in the ass to watch those disgraceful Barca players like Puyol, Xavi, Pique to lift the trophy, Cesc first and last assist in the tournament to Iniesta which determined the outcome of the final did help the mood. He proved he’s worthy to be included in any team’s starting eleven. And he will be back to London with his new more complete CV and of course a new confidence as world champion.

Cesc Fabregas, Europe and World Champion

Those Barca players hit a new low when they forced Barca shirt on Cesc – which he clearly didn’t want at this moment, during their winning celebration live on TV. And we could consider it was a staged act, Barca’s website is clearly enjoying the pictures and quotes. Cesc is not Reyes and would never be. His embarrassed face showed he was still a gracious person we ever know, as our beloved captain. His words after the match that mentioned Arsenal fans, manager and staffs were not usual for a player that just won the World Cup. It might show his deepest feeling after being troubled by this transfer furor created by Barca players and executives. We know Cesc might likely end up in Barcelona one day, but this season Wenger has decided he’s not for sale so shut your mouths up please.

This South Africa tournament has occupied us for a month. Any other issues became second rate during this event. Now it’s the time to forget vuvuzela sound completely, to be back to our daily activities. It’s time to banish football (except about Arsenal) from my twitter timeline. I have decided not to miss Vuvuzela, how about you?